From Sasha H:

"I will never forget the first time I met Miss Tarra. 

It was a regular day at my work and she came in to return an item at my store. Then she ask me a question."What can I pray for you about?"
I was taken aback because I have never really had anyone ask me that question before. Prior to  that I was having personal struggles with praying. Every time I would close my eyes to pray, it would just be darkness.


When Miss Tarra started praying for me and asking "PAPA" to show me what He wanted me to know?  I was unable to see anything except the darkness.  After a series of questions, we figured out what the problem was and addressed it.


The next thing I know the Holy Spirit touched me right there at work for the first time and it was the most powerful thing I have ever felt.
Every chance I get, I tell my testimony about how Miss Tarra helped me to overcome some dark stuff that I myself did not know was there and how that had affected me.


I see Miss Tarra every two weeks for mentoring now and look forward to every visit.


I know I have a way to go, but with Miss Tarra's help and the Grace of  God, I know I will get there.


Thank you Miss Tarra"       


From Mitzie G:


"Doubt, fear anxiety, low self esteem, condemnation and guilt are some of the burdens that I carried on my shoulders before meeting with Tarra. I would be awake at nights worrying about my past, present and the future.  


Now, I thank God for placing Tarra in my life, because through her  teaching and leading I am able  to sleep through the nights because she empowered me to believe and to know that I'm God's beloved daughter, and that He has been there throughout all my circumstances. I did not know how to listen to and hear my Lord speaking to me, but through our sessions I learned to hear God's voice through His Word and through others. There is a peace and joy in my heart because Tarra helped me to get rid of the strongholds that were encumbering me, and to believe that Christ is in me and I am in Him.  To God be the glory for freeing me, and sharing His love for me through His daughter and her ministry. "