October 2019 Newsletter

Please enjoy the testimony below from one of our referrals.  A true story of forgiveness.
It was Tuesday, May 14, 2019. I sat in disbelief looking down at the smart phone in my hand. My younger brother had just hung up on me after saying “If you testify against our younger sister, I will not talk to you ever again and I will come to your house and do horrible things to you.” Just three days before, we had been side-by-side watching his daughter graduate from college in Indiana. How had it
come to this? What could I do to fix this?

Four months later, I was in Florida with a group of women who were teachers with me many years ago. As three of us talked over breakfast, we talked about the challenges with our families. One of the ladies shared about the life-changing revelation she had through the healing prayer of Tarra Green of The Salvage Yard counseling ministry. My former co-worker shared that as she was praying with Tarra about disappointment in her childhood regarding her father, my friend suddenly was set free by the Holy Spirit
giving her the words, “He did not know”. My friend recounted the experience with joy and relief. I gladly took the contact information for her and filled out the online information form for The Salvage Yard. Two days later, I was on the phone with her giving her an overview of my family of origin. She challenged me to get vertical with God and to prepare for our prayer session next week. At the appointed time, I took the call from her while parked in my car facing a row of bushes. Even in a car, through prayer, I met Jesus as I pictured leading my siblings one at a time to Jesus, watching Him greet them with love and compassion and telling Him of my hurts and disappointments. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I was able to confess all my hidden roots of resentment, watch Jesus burn
away the pain, free me, fill my void with His love, and seal it. It was healing.

The beautiful peace has lasted. I do not have anger or resentment towards my siblings and I also feel forgiven. I sent a follow-up text to Tarra asking if I should reach out to my younger sister or let God open that conversation. Five minutes before she was to call me, my younger brother who had threatened me five months earlier was on the phone, talking to me, apologizing for what he said. It was a long conversation and he repeated the apology more than once. I was able to offer him 100% forgiveness. I did not fix it. God did.


Thinking back to something she had said” when we don’t forgive, it robs God of the opportunity to actually move in the situation”. Once I got out of the way and left my siblings at the feet of Jesus, God worked. All the praise goes to God for his power in our lives. Many thanks to The Salvage Yard and to Tarra for their one-on-one mentoring.

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In Him,
Paul and Tarra Green
The Salvage Yard