October 2018 Newsletter

“Generosity is impossible apart from our love of God and of His people.  But with such Love, generosity not only is possible but inevitable” JM



This month, the Holy Spirit has prompted me to say a few words with regard to the subject of Generosity.  The generosity of Father God is all around us.  It is perpetual and exceedingly abundant.  Too bad most of my life has been spent believing that my personal success and accomplishments were because of my own efforts. 


Today I know, nothing positive can take place in our lives without the generosity of God.  Looking back, I can see this monumental gift that Father gave me from 1973 through 1993.  An individual, apparently assigned to me by God, to pour out the Father’s Love onto and into me for this 20-year period.  So lavish was this outpouring that many times I questioned, “Why me” and What’s in it for him”?  This would be my first experience of God’s love for me.   On the day of his funeral, his daughter was waiting for me to arrive on the front steps of the church.  As I got out of my truck, she met me in the parking lot and asked me “Would you be willing to give a eulogy for dad”?  With absolutely no time to prepare I said, Of course.  It was no problem at all, all I had was expressions of how this man weekly poured out Gods love in my direction with my name on it.


Today, the generosity of God continues.  After I let my guard down, I found out that God had a multitude of real friends just waiting for me to receive them.  Today, I can easily compile a list with 500 names who would most likely admit, yes, I am his friend.  Not an acquaintance, but a friend.  Check out the meaning of friend.  These friends share many things with me.  Some share encouragement, conversation, prayers, dinners, movie tickets, automobiles, access to vacation homes and most share their very lives at a moment’s notice.  One friend from out of state calls by phone every day of my life.  God is generosity!


This week a masonry supply company that I have done business with over the last 40 years has donated approximately $70,000.00 worth of materials to our non-profit organization “The Salvage Yard” (www.salvageyard409.com) for our building project.  Our only cost was, we have to pay for the shipping to receive the gift.  About $7500.00 total.  Is our God a generous God?  OH YES!   


The best resource of God’s generosity is the Holy Spirit.  Through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, we can do all things.  The Holy Spirit is waiting to be in total relationship with us.  I am totally excited and expectant to receive Gods generous Grace again tomorrow and then the next day.  Grace and peace be with you all.


Your Friend,

Paul Green


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