One-on-One Mentoring

One-on-one mentoring is about us walking alongside you, teaching you to step away from your orphan mentality into Sonship and freedom. 

Orphan mentality believes that "If I do something, then I'll have something and then I can be someone." This is Satan's lie because he did not see himself the way God saw him. Satan has always had an identity problem and this is the cornerstone of his attacks on you.

Sonship mentality believes that "I am someone (a son/daughter of God) so I have everything and then I can do anything."  This is God's design for His children, that you see yourself the way God sees you (like the salvage yard owner) - valuable and loveable, part of His family.

Mentoring Sessions on a Donation Basis


Mentoring sessions are an hour to an hour and a half or more with a suggested (it is only suggested, not required) amount of $90 per session; however we will never turn anyone away for the inability to pay this amount. Instead we suggest you pray about the amount you can give, and make a payment for each session, as a demonstration of your commitment to this process.To make a mentoring donation, click on the button below.


Get Going on Mentoring

When you are ready to get going, you'll want to complete the Mentoring Information Form below. Someone will be in contact with you shortly after you complete it.

At this time, mentoring is available for women and

teen girls only.