July 2019 Newsletter

Matthew 25:40 "Truly I tell you whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me."


Below is a Testimony from one of the female inmates at the Fauquier County Jail. The Salvage Yard has partnered with the Fauquier County Detention Center where we provide ongoing support for the inmates.  Please watch this short video of The Salvage Yard’s vision before you read the testimony.


She said “I had been walking around carrying so much weight on my shoulders, I didn’t realize that after my meeting with The Salvage Yard I would walk out of my session feeling light as a feather”.


“The Salvage Yard comes to the Jail on Sunday evening to teach Celebrate Recovery.  During one of our sessions, we learned about “Forgiveness”.  When I read it, I suddenly broke down and started to cry.  What I read convicted me and I knew exactly who I needed to forgive and why.  I met with the leader a few days later, for a one on one session.  During my session Jesus made me aware that I needed to forgive and make amends with myself.  The leader asked me if I was willing to walk through the process?  During our session she led me through a process with the help of the Holy Spirit.


During the process of making amends and forgiving myself, I saw an image of Jesus standing across from me while my eyes were closed.  He was not ashamed of me even though I was.  I was carrying a lot of guilt, shame and anger toward myself and had no idea how to deal with it.  Jesus said he wanted to take all of my pain if I was willing to give it to Him.  He led me to cup my hands with the negative emotions in them and walk over to him and hand him my pain. Before I knew what was happening, He lifted up my hands and took it, saying “Let go”, go be free”.  “You are my child and I did this for you”.  As soon as He took my burdens, I instantly felt light as a feather.  It was the best feeling that I have ever felt.


Ever since this happened, I haven’t felt negative or judgmental about myself.  I still feel light and I want to thank Jesus for finding me and helping me through this amazing miracle.”


Miraculous events like the one you just read take place each week as we minister in local jails. We do not receive any compensation for this other than knowing that people are being set free from personal bondage. It is awesome to be able to play a part in that.

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I trust Christ in you.


Your prayer support is needed. Thank You


We appreciate all of you,

Paul and Tarra Green

The Salvage Yard