January 2019 Newsletter

Matthew 25:45 "Whenever you failed to help any of my people, no matter how unimportant they seemed, you failed to do it for me." 


Last Wednesday I was running errands in Manassas before going to the Fauquier County Jail to meet with the female inmates.  I was heading toward the Manassas mall.  While driving, I was talking with Papa about loving ALL people.  And how I struggle with that.  All of a sudden, a thought invades my conversation “Go to the Mall”.  At that moment I knew who it was.  But I didn’t have time to stop at the mall and talk with anyone.  I reasoned with Him.  I have just enough time to get to the jail.  Then He repeated, “Go to the Mall”.  I just couldn’t figure out how that was going to work.  Then I heard, “It’s your choice”.  So, I went.  I surrendered the time and “The What” He was going to have me do.  I heard, “Park over by the Walmart”.  I got into the mall and said, “Where do you want me to go now?”.  “Go to the food court” so I did. Then I heard, “Get yourself some lunch.”  The whole time my back is to the people sitting in the food court.  I get my sandwich and turn around and make a quick assessment of the people sitting in the food court.  I knew He had brought me there to talk and pray with “someone”.  As I’m sitting there eating, I realize that 95 % of the people sitting in the food court are from a local Non-Profit organization called Didlake, a support service for people with disabilities.  I literally said “REALLY?  I can’t do this, this is too scary, what will I say, where do I start, I have to be at the Jail.”  He said “Just trust me”.  


Immediately my eyes caught a pair of ladies sitting in the middle of the crowd of the precious people.  I went over to them and introduced myself and told them why I was there.  I asked “Can you tell me who might need or want prayer?” she said with a huge smile on her face, “Yes, Kathy over there needs prayer, Kyle needs prayer he just got out of the hospital and Jamie over there is in a lot of pain.”  She pointed out about seven people.  To my left, standing right next to me the entire time she was pointing out everyone, was a sweet young lady.  She leans over to me to gesture that she wanted me to stand up, so I did and she says “Hi my name is Joan and I Love you”. Wow, needless to say I was pleasantly taken aback.  We hugged and I proceeded to pray for several of the people there.  I have to say that this experience blessed me more than I think it blessed them.  They were so kind and loving to me.  They were all around watching Papa show off.  


When I finished, I walked away with my heart full of Love for people that I was once afraid of.  I was completely blown away at how He had set all of that up.  And then showed off!  I said, “Thank YOU Lord for that” and He said, “NO, Thank YOU”.  Can you believe the God of the universe said Thank you to me?


Now if you think that was amazing, I was due to be at the Jail at 1:30 and I arrived at 1:25.  Yes you heard me, I was early.  The only explanation I have is that Papa held the clock, He froze time for me so I could make my previous commitment on time.


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Thank YOU from the bottom of our Hearts at The Salvage Yard,

Paul and Tarra Green