February 2019 Newsletter

Greetings from The Salvage Yard,

The responsibility of the February newsletter landed on my plate this month.  As the month was coming to a close, I was lacking a topic of focus.  Surely, I could just pick a random topic and compose a few paragraphs to say I had fulfilled my responsibly.  Really, that’s not how I roll.  Feeling a little stuck I simply asked “Holy Spirit” to give me His words.  Why did I not do that sooner rather than wait until the next to the last day of the month?   

Tarra and I are in this ministry mission together.  This month we have prayed for people on the streets together and individually as our Father highlights these people to us.  Tarra stays booked with counseling and administering healing prayer to many.  My role has been increasing as I sit in with all of her male clients. 

My topic of focus “The Process” was revealed to me just last evening as I was reflecting on our experience with one of our client couples.  This couple discovered an addiction in their life that had to be dealt with before their marriage could proceed. The Salvage Yard has been directly involved in this couple’s life daily for the last seven months.  My point is this, along the way, through “The Process” of this recovery, many days I have wondered why this, why that, why doesn’t God heal faster and why does God do this or do that?  I have received many answers through “The Process” of waiting, praying, listening and standing alongside of others that are in “The Process”.  Why didn’t God just save us from my own destruction years ago and just make us that “perfect Christian”?  He actually wants us to be a key character in “The Process” whatever that process is.  

Please pray for the Salvage Yard as we continue to move forward in “The Process” God has laid out for us.  It is an awesome place to be.  I never thought I would say those words.  Part of our development process is us getting to the place where we depend on your support of our process through Holy Sprit’s leading.  


We ask now for your support of this God-founded ministry whether it be financial, prayer, tangible items or you walking with us in the process.  You can give here. Thank you to all of you that are in that process now.  God will bless you richly.  



Salvage Yard
Paul and Tarra Green


So, the Lord who began this process of sanctification the moment my heart was made alive to Him will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.  1 Thessalonians 5:23, Philippians 1:6