April 2019 Newsletter

                        “The Lord will fight for you, and you only have to be silent” Exodus 14:14


A testimony from one of our mentorees:

"9 months ago, I discovered that my husband had been living a double life...for decades. 


I learned he was a sex addict and an alcoholic. He had been lying and cheating and twisting arguments we had so that I would think our problems were me and not him. I’m not saying I’m a perfect wife, because I’m not, but I was taking responsibility for everything that was wrong in our marriage and he allowed it. 


I was with Tarra the day I found out. That was the beginning of many tears and many blessings to come. Yes, in the midst of the most difficult dark time in my life God was gathering each tear and He was blessing me. And my husband. 


I believe I was at a crossroad with 2 choices I could make. 


One was the worlds way...kick him out, divorce him, get him back, you deserve more than that. And on and on and on. 

The other was God’s way.  Forgiveness surrender and truth. I praise God for putting Tarra there that day and many days after to lead me His way. 


I would be going on and on about something I just learned and Tarra would say, “now what does God want to tell you about that”. My response was usually the same “I don’t know Tarra, what does He want me to know?” She would patiently without judgement let me rant and rage over all the injustice that had been done to me over decades. And again, she would point me to The Lord. Even in my anger and frustration I knew she was right. 


To be honest there were many incredibly hurtful facts coming to light and I was completely overwhelmed. She stayed with me for almost 2 weeks praying listening and gently leading me onto the path of LIFE. I was overwhelmed with grief rage and unbelief. I had absolutely no idea what to do, but He knew the way. 


I cannot imagine if God allowed me to be with the person I was supposed to be with when I discovered my husband’s betrayal, but He led me that day and because of a last-minute change of plans I was with Tarra. God has equipped her with an incredible array of gifts, and she humbly uses each one as He leads her. 


Today my husband and I are getting ready to live together again after an 8-month separation. 


9 months ago, at that crossroad in my life, The Lord used her to say, who do you choose?  Thankfully her love and persistence and faith in our Trinity gently led me to the path of life. 


I have forgiven my husband and The Lord has been freeing me from the grief and pain and thoughts the enemy continues to use daily to try to destroy me, our marriage and our family. It hasn’t been easy and there are still incredibly painful, difficult days, BUT our God is the God of the impossible and He is working all of this pain together for our good. 


We give Him all the praise!  Who else could take a broken marriage with 2 broken people and redeem all the sin and pain? Who else could bring beauty from ashes?


Only our Holy Trinity. To Him alone we each give praise. 
And we thank Him for putting The Salvage Yard in our Life!"


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Paul and Tarra Green
The Salvage Yard