About Us

Paul Green - Paul is a retired brick and stone masonry construction contractor, with a history of alcohol and drug abuse that began  as far back as 1968. His addiction was hard driven and ever expanding until he hit a brick wall in 1983. In the form of an intervention imposed by loved ones and the local authorities, Paul began the process of identifying the problems of addictions that had a chock hold on him.


Today Paul lays claim to more than 35 years of total freedom from any alcohol consumption and any mood-changing drugs. Because of this, he has found a new life living in union with the Holy Spirit of God. He embraces Jesus Christ as his Lord, as his Savior. Now he wants to share this new life with others. His focused audience is people in his prison ministry and street ministry and those with addictions.

Tarra Green - Tarra was trained, certified and worked as a lay Christian counselor for 13 years at Grace Ministries in Manassas, VA where before her departure, she held the position of Training Director as well as counselor. She is certified in healing prayer, which she uses regularly. She has experience in dealing with addiction, depression, anxiety, marriage issues, fear, eating disorders, and cutting as well mentoring people in their everyday life struggles through the counseling/mentory ministry, prison ministry and street ministry.

Tarra and Paul have been married since 1986, and have two grown daughters and grandchildren.

The Salvage Yard is located at 599 Greenwalt Road, Maurertown, VA 22644.

Contact Email: salvageyard409@gmail.com

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